• "Working at the highest level"
  • "Unique achievements require unique people"

Compensation & Benefits

Besides a basic salary higher than the market and strictly legal OT work payment, Huisman also provides the following compensation benefits:

  • Monthly bonus related to personal performance;
  • Annual loyalty bonus of 1-2 months’ salaries;
  • Jubilees bonuses for employees who serve more than 5 years in the company;
  • Labor Union cash benefits: e.g. marriage gift of 888 RMB; newborn allowance of 200RMB;
  • Annual festival allowance for major festivals;
  • Yearly 8-14 days annual leave (full paid);
  • Yearly 14 days sick leave (full paid)
  • Five social insurances and housing fund under the actual salary at Xiamen or Zhangzhou city;
  • Free dormitories for employees in of our our 100 sets of commodity houses nearby;
  • Housing allowance for employees who do not live in our company dormitories (Xiamen: 250 RMB/month; Zhangzhou: 150 RMB/month);
  • Free lunch and supper; meal allowance for OT work;
  • Annual position and salary adjustment according to employees’ performance;
  • Free transportation between ferries and from ferry to company;
  • Our active employee club organizes various entertainment activities such as Mid-autumn festival activity, Christmas kids party, spring festival dinner party, basketball competition and a badminton club.